Prepping (But Not in a Zack Morris Kind of Way)

So much happening in the next few days. At work at the moment, but will be teaching a philosophy class at 11, then driving up to Baltimore to stay with my brother. Side adventure to Annapolis tomorrow to get the G key reattached to my Macbook. Then off to Target to buy all of the things left on the list…

Wednesday, I’ll head into DC to stay with my lovely friends J and B. Thursday is orientation, followed by my flight on Turkish Airlines at 11:30 PM EST.

I’m kind of nervous, but mostly in a “not knowing what to expect” kind of way. Packing was a new adventure in “omg I need this and this and this!” I do hope I have everything I need.

Sometime between now and Wednesday, I need to finish reading House of Stone. I’ll post my thoughts later.

Bye for now!


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