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I’m in Tokyo!

So I’ve basically failed at blogging since I returned from Lebanon.  The second year of a Ph.D. is far busier than I could have ever imagined.

What I’ve failed to mention in the interim is that I’ve landed a TA position this summer with Northeastern University’s Dialogue of Civilizations program in Japan!  I am typing this from the Hotel Villa Fontaine in Jimbocho, Tokyo.  We (myself, Daniel [another TA] and Phil [professor]) will be leading students all over the country in a one-month study-visit.

Having awoken at 6 a.m. on Tuesday May 7 (EST), I am pretty bleary-eyed as I write this (9:38 a.m. EST May 8), in spite of the naps I got on the plane.  Still haven’t officially slept yet and am trying to drag this out as long as possible to combat the jet lag.

Some Things Of Note:

  1. My toilet has more buttons on it than my Subaru’s dashboard.
  2. My TV has no English-language stations (TBS is dubbed)
  3. My computer now has a hack for Hulu (which I do pay for in the States damnit).
  4. Yes, I’m currently watching Glee! (Don’t judge me, bro.)
  5. There are so many record shops and bookstores in this part of Tokyo that I’ve already picked out tons of presents for people
  6. My hotel has a beer and cigarettes vending machine.
  7. Bicycles ride on the sidewalk instead of the street.
  8. MY HOTEL PROVIDES PAJAMAS (your argument is invalid).
  9. I need to pick up an HDMI cable for my TV…
  10. Cab drivers wear suits.

I should be updating regularly as I have LAN in my hotel room.  And I learned how to make my laptop share its internet with my phone and iPad today, so I’m very proud of me.

Oh, here’s a picture of my first dinner in Japan!
First Meal in Japan!