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What is Life?

Sitting on our bed in our hotel room in Manchester, UK.  This probably won’t be the picture-heavy travelogue many of you were hoping for.  Don’t worry, that will come later.

After three days of traveling…

(BWI-->Heathrow-->Greater London-->Bishops Stortford-->Greater London-->Manchester)

(BWI–>Heathrow–>Greater London–>Bishops Stortford–>Greater London–>Manchester)

… much of which was on foot or cramped in a seat that even I don’t fit into, tonight has been a well-deserved respite.  Tonight, Ryan and I wandered around our tiny corner of Manchester, hitting up used book shops and ordering curry take-away.  We even hit up a Tesco’s for some beer before coming back to our room and eating our picnic of goodness on our bed (in PJs!).  Even having to put the finishing touches on my PowerPoint for tomorrow can’t mess up this good mood.

Just listened to George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass, Volume One” while taking a long soak in an Olympic-sized tub.  Listening to George Harrison in the north of England.  How much better can it get?

OK fine, you want a picture.  Here’s a picture (completely unedited) of the fish (of the fish and chips I hear are so popular here…) we had for dinner last night:

Ryan and O. for scale. According to our host, F., we basically at “half a whale.” My stomach agreed in the best possible way.